Half Elf Sorcerer , white skin, blonde hair and violet eyes

  • AC = 15
  • HP = 58
  • Init +2
  • Saves : Fort +8, Ref +6, Will+8
  • Spells: 8/7/7/7/6/4
  • Level 0:Detect poison, Mending, Detect Magic, Acid Splash, Light, Read Magic, Message, Ghost Sound
  • Level 1:Magic Missle, Mage Armor, Burning Hands, Blur, Shield
  • Level 2:Summon Monster II, Dark Way, Mirror Image, Slapping Hand
  • Level 3:Invisibility Sphere, Fireball, Doloriuos Blow, Dragonskin
  • Level 4:Invisibility Greater, Polymorph
  • Level 5:Prismatic Ray

Radagast woke up in woodlands of Baelegaer at the age of 15, without any recollection of anything he has done before. Discovered by the Woodmen of Mirkwood, he lived with them until the age of 18. He easily discovered he was different, due to his strage elvish similarity and to his arcane abilities that manifested in his sleep. p. At the age of 17, as he was wondering alone in the woods, he met an elf named Galadriel. The elf recognized the potential in him took him as her servant. Living with the elves Radagast, developed his arcane powers and developed into a powerfull sorcerer. p. During the overthrowing of Morgoth he was injured by a winged black dragon which now provokes an instant animosity towards them and his natural inclination towards languages allowed him to learn Orc. p. He loved to acid splash animals before living with the elves which taught him that is was wrong. He still doesn’t agree.

At the end of the war, he left on a quest to find his past, and to recover 15 years he has lost.


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