Realm of Ossiriand

Chapter Two - Amon Ereb

First time is the hardest

We meet our heroes in the city of Ramdal at the dawn of a new war. They each have different motivations for entering this war, but somehow they are drawn together as if by magic. In the previous chapter 3 of them were introduced : Elendor, Darfir and Ulek. Two more join their ranks : Radagast from the North, a young sorcerer and Arien a well-seasoned druid and her dog Cain. In the previous chapter Elendor found out about the possibility of a job at the Stone of Erech. They go there to find out more and are welcomed by Erech himself. Erech was a very good and old craftsman, particular good with forging extraordinary weapons. He knows about them, and when they ask about the job he tells them about a sword that he is working on, langor (in elvish broad sword) that has the special ability of being very light but at the same time giving the wielder ten times more strength. Unfortunately he cannot finish the sword because he needs a special kind of ore that is found only in the mountains of Ered Luin, a ore found by the dwarfs of Belegost and very high held. The ore is called Anatexis, light grey of color with white stripes that go trough the rock.
-A shipment of this ore was to arrive in Ramdal yesterday, but it never did, and I suspect foul play, said Erech. There are rumors that the caves of Amon Ereb, a big hill that is near the main road coming from Belegast to Ramdal is used as a hide-out place by a group of half-orcs. If you would care to investigate and bring back this ore for me, there is a reward of 1000 gold waiting for you.
The party is more then happy to help Erech out, and they head out to Amon Ereb to investigate. They enter the caves beneath the hill, that have been turned into a dungeon by the half-orcs. The entrance is guarded by a trap, which they manage to see before setting it off. After entering the dungeon and killing every creature inside, they find the vault stocked with goods, and among them the ore Erech was looking for. Happy to have fulfilled their first quest as a group, they head back to Ramdal. Erech welcomes them with arms open, and happily gives them their reword.
- You are very brave and honorable my friends. Thank you for all your help. If you are interested, I have another proposition for you, but this time it will take more time and all the courage you have to bring it to the end. - Tell us what this is about, said Ulek interested.
- As you might have noticed from the rumors that go around in this town, their is growing talk of war, said Erech with a calm but serious voice. I am an agent of good in this war, I work for king Finrod of the dark elves from Taur-im-Duinath, perhaps some of you have heard of him (at this remark Arien nodded in approval).It seems that my master has found out that this rumors are true, and that indeed, Morgoth is planning to attack this world again, but this time with a force so great that nobody will stand a chance alone. So we need allies. We need to send a message to Thingol, king of Doriath and ask him for his help and alliance in this war. I don’t think I have to tell you that this mission is secret, and no one must find out about your purpose in Menegroth, or about the alliance that is forming. Also, speed is crucial. If you can make it in two weeks to Menegroth it will leave you enough time to get back and let us know. The enemy is gathering forces, so the sooner we know where we stand, the better…What do you say?
-I’m in! said Darfir and Arien almost unanimous. Ulek looked at his companions and nodded in sign of approval. Radagast and Elendor shrig their shoulders…why not? It seemed like the perfect beginning of an exiting adventure…plus the chance to know a king and make connections…
-Very well then, we have ourselves an understanding, said Erech with a tone of approval and satisfaction. Meet me in the marketplace tonight and I will show you a quicker way to reach the Falls of Sirion. From there you can make your way trough Aelin-uial and after up the river into Doriath and then to Menegroth. If all goes as planned you will be there on time…Oh, and be careful not to get followed tonight. There are spies everywhere, and they take the most common of forms.
- We understand, said Darfir. We shall be there.
The group left the shop and went back to the Green Dragon to kill some time, and eat, before the meeting and the departure. Little did they know how far this journey will take them.



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